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uPVC Conservatories: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re after a cosy winter retreat or a cool haven in the summer, a conservatory can add a whole new dimension to your home. Conservatories can be built with various materials, but we believe one is a cut above the rest here at Warm Windows. Here we will discuss the benefits of a and why uPVC is our material of choice.

What is a Conservatory

A conservatory is an extra room built onto the side of your home. The walls and roof are made from double-glazed glass with a frame typically made from aluminium, wood, or uPVC. Often used as a sunroom, these spaces have become multi-functional entertainment and relaxation areas where you can just as easily curl up with a good book or host friends and family.

Benefits of Using uPVC for Your Conservatory

Low Prices, High Quality

Budget is the key sticking point for many home renovations, and luckily for those dreaming of their own uPVC conservatory, uPVC is a relatively inexpensive material. Due to the manufacturing techniques, material costs, and high demand for the product, it is the cheapest option to build your conservatory.

Classic Design with a Modern Twist

Visual appeal is an important factor in choosing the material for your conservatory. uPVC is traditionally white, creating a classic, clean look that seamlessly blends with various exterior designs. However, modern uPVC is now available in multiple colours and faux wood finishes.

We recommend our cream colour option for classic cottages and villas – while richer shades of blue and green can bring a contemporary look. If you fancy more of a natural feel, our wood finishes mimic authentic timber textures and look right at home in any environment.

Keep the Heat in and the Cold Out

With uPVC, you won’t have to deal with a conservatory that’s too hot in summer and too cold in winter. uPVC windows are very low heat conductors, meaning they don’t transfer heat; you can control the temperature of your conservatory no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Your Personal Retreat

A conservatory is your sanctuary, a little spot in the sun to hide away and shake off the day’s stress. So, naturally, you’ll want it to be quiet. uPVC was first created as an insulating material. For this reason, it boasts incredibly high levels of soundproofing, making it a popular material for anyone who wants to reduce noise internally and externally. A uPVC conservatory is sure to be your quiet retreat.

Create Your Slice of Paradise with Warm Windows

Whether it’s blistering heat or torrential rain, a uPVC conservatory will keep you cosy no matter the weather. While there are plenty of materials to choose from, nothing offers the mix of form and functionality that uPVC does.

If you’re interested in building a conservatory, get in touch with Warm Windows. We can help get you started with our selection of uPVC and double-glazing products. Browse our product range online today to learn more.

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