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Custom-Made uPVC Windows & Doors

Warm Windows always strives to create perfect solutions for our customers, and nothing represents this more than our custom-made windows and doors. We can develop bespoke custom uPVC doors and windows to suit an existing style of home. Whether you’re renovating the family batch or building a new block of townhouses, we can help you add the perfect finishing touches with our custom-made uPVC windows and doors.

We work with architects and designers, providing advice and detailed product specifications to ensure seamless and stress-free integration into their designs. Our range of joinery colours and finishes, glass selection, and hardware can provide inspiration to match the high performance you’d expect from uPVC technology. Get in touch with the team at Warm Windows today to learn more.

Why Go Custom?

Custom-made windows and doors are a great way to express your personality and style. Discover why countless Kiwis are opting for custom-made uPVC windows and doors when renovating or building new.

A Style That Stands Out

Custom-made uPVC doors and windows offer unparalleled flexibility in design. Where store-bought furnishing will make your home look just like every other one on the block, our custom designs will infuse your personality into your home.

Total Control Over the Design

Opting for custom-made windows and doors gives you total control over each decision every step of the way. From materials to joinery colours and finishes, glass selection, and hardware, the choice is yours. You can create the perfect windows and doors to suit your home and style by having total control over the design process. And if you have any questions or need some advice, our expert team is more than happy to make some suggestions.

Ease of Installation

Installing standard windows and doors can become tricky when sizes don’t match. Our custom-made uPVC windows and doors will fit perfectly into your home, meaning on the day of installation, there’s no mucking around with chiselling or moulding; we can be in and out in no time.