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Coloured uPVC Windows

Your home reflects your style and personality and choosing the right window joinery is an important part of the process. At Warm Windows we supply the Alupast range of breathtaking colours for your project whether it be minimalist build, commercial development or bungalow renovation. Our range reflects the latest architectural trends from deep anthracite palettes to natural wood finishes, all with the easy care properties of uPVC.

Stunning wood finishes that complement any environment

Our Woodec range from Alupast brings the warmth and style to your uPVC windows and can be used for both interior and exterior treatments. Influenced by striking Scandanavian design, Woodec is available in a range of beautiful colours with an embossed texture that has a similar feel to natural wood. This product features a next generation foil that replicates the natural look of timber while offering the long life advantages that uPVC windows provide.

Coloured uPVC Window Frames

The colour of window frames is a commonly overlooked aspect of a home’s aesthetic. uPVC joinery is particularly versatile in how it can be used to enhance the visual style of your home, due to its various colour options. Take control of your home’s design and exercise your creative flair with our many coloured frames.

Our supplier – Aluplast – is a proven and renowned supplier of quality window frames and has been for more than 30 years. Aluplast is a German company that is constantly innovating in their designs, styles, and manufacturing processes to provide high-quality frames that suit nearly any style of home.

What makes our colours look brand new, years later?

 You can be sure of your frame’s longevity, as Aluplast joinery features the innovative Cool Colours TM technology which prevents the frames from overheating in the strong New Zealand sun or corroding in coastal conditions. Colours stay as vibrant and striking as on the day of installation.

Stylish Aluminium look with the strength of PVC

Our Aludec range from Alupast represents a new generation of uPVC window with the high quality look and feel of aluminium. The unique foiling system replicates a typical powder coated aluminium look and is more environmentally sustainable to manufacture. Our Aludec range comes in seven contemporary colours and includes textured options.

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