Smart Entry Door Locks

Make your keychain a little lighter with our range of smart entry door locks. As the digital desire increases among homeowners, our entry locks represent a smart solution to suit your lifestyle, home, and all types of weather. 

By combining convenience with safety, our entry locks have multiple locking options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you’ll never need to scramble for your keys again! 

Discover why more and more Kiwis are converting to keyless entry and explore our range of entry locks. 


What’s So Smart About These Entry Locks?

Smart, in this context, refers to our entry lock’s ability to connect and communicate with other technology. Just as your smartphone can connect to the internet, our smart entry door locks can connect to Wi-Fi.

By connecting to Wi-Fi, you can control these locks remotely using a smartphone app. You can open or close the door from the app, set up pin codes for the door, and if you’re ever second-guessing whether you locked the front door or not, you can double-check that too!

With a smart entry door lock, there’s no need to hide a spare key under the mat; in fact, you can do away with keys entirely. Create a smarter, safer home with our entry locks today.

Benefits of Smart Entry Door Locks

Come and Go with Ease

Whether you’re rushing the kids out the door or a little late for work, nobody wants to fluff around with keys these days. With our smart entry door locks, you can come and go with a few clicks of a button.

Increase Accessibility Without Compromising Security

House keys go missing more often than socks in the wash. Our keyless entry locks mean that instead of tracking down missing keys or replacing locks for new tenants, all you need to do is change the code.

Boost Your Home’s Connectivity

Integrating your smart entry door locks with other smart devices can create a more cohesive and functional household. For instance, you can connect our entry locks to alarms or security cameras for optimal security.

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