Multi- Point locking system

For enhanced home security and peace of mind, the multi point locking system delivers. With the simplicity of using one key, doors are bolted into the frame and locked at multiple points resulting in greater protection. With windows, the same level of security applies as sashes are locked at multiple points by using one handle.

Features & Benefits

  • Locks all main doors (from a backset size of 25 mm and up to 3 meters in height) reliably and permanently tight against heat, wind, cold, and break ins.
  • Highest gasket compression for excellent tightness and highly effective for maximum energy efficiency and lower energy costs.
  • Constantly high gasket compression prevents door from warping subsequently – even slightly warped doors still close tightly and securely.
  • Smooth and convenient operation thanks to optimized transfer of power from the cylinder or lever handle to the lock.


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